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...would love to have you join us. Contact the national office by clicking here or on the ASG logo under our Join Us button.


Top 10 Reasons to Join

1. You love to sew and love to share your love of sewing.

2. You want to improve your sewing skills like others do their golf score.

3. You want to develop sewing friends; friends who speak your language -- know what a “stash” or a “wadder” is.

4. You need someone you can trust to take your measurements and not tell.

5. You want companions for road trips who experience the same “joy in the journey” of stopping at as many fabric stores as humanly possible in a given day.

6. You have uses for the money you will save utilizing ASG member discounts.

7. You could benefit from an appreciative audience for your sewing successes and helpful suggestions for your challenges (“How to save that disaster”)..

8. You want to attend a national conference where you can learn from the top national sewing instructors and eat lunch next to your favorite (sewing) TV personalities, give direct input to sewing industry representatives, shop an exhibit hall full of sewing products and experience unique tours with fellow sewing enthusiasts.

9. You believe that sewing is an art form as well as a valuable life skill.

And most important...

10. You make a difference!



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